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Hosting the Premiere of DirecTV’s Original Series “Rogue”

April 03, 2013
Prepping for the Premiere

Prepping for the Premiere

We are certainly glittering in the Golden Age of Television, as TV continues to replace movies as elite entertainment. Innovators including HBO, AMC, & Netflix are paving the original programming path and now DirecTV is making a direct play in this golden game, premiering its new series “Rogue,” starring Thandie Newton, on its Audience Network April 3. I hosted the premiere and the show, “Countdown to Rogue,” rocking the “Rogue” redcarpet with the stars of the show.  First up was Thandie Newton who is just as lovely in person as you would presume. Beauty, talent, and class, oh my; this gracious gal is the true triple threat.

Interviewing the star of  "Rogue", the stunning Thandie Newton

Interviewing the star of “Rogue”, the stunning Thandie Newton

Her co-stars, the charming Martin Csokas & dapper Joshua Sasse made their mark as well, as did the infamous Gene Simmons et al. The king of Kiss is not in the series but he and his family jewels were there to support and to ofcourse make this golden night of entertainment even MORE…uh, entertaining.

direct tv gene simmons

Holding my own with the (Gene) Simmons’ family jewels

It was an amazing night and apparently this type of premiere will serve as the pioneer for DirecTV’s original programming; they plan on having at least four original dramas and comedies on Audience Network within the next three to five years to solidify their role in the Golden Age game. So stay tuned TV titans. I got you.

direct tv hair and makeup

Just a lil last minute touch up in an opportune branded backdrop