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Hosting New Orleans’ Jazz Fest

May 07, 2013

By now you may know that I’ve covered A LOT of music festivals (see previous post Music Festival Femme Fatale)  so I know the best of the fests, and New Orleans Jazz Fest is one of them. Being that NOLA is the birthplace of jazz, its musical heritage and legacy is unparalleled, and this festival celebrates just that.  Everything from jazz to Afro-Caribbean to zydeco can be heard, and everything from alligator po’boys to crawfish Monica to andouille jambalaya can be eaten…and you know I visited all 70 food booths…let’s just say by the end I had to be rolled on outta the New Orleans Fair Grounds.

I hosted the televised broadcast of the festival conducting interviews and giving background on a plethora of performers.  Fleetwood Mac, The Black Keys, and Trombone Shorty were my personal favorites. Bread pudding is also my personal favorite which is why I just had to consume it at every meal.

The New Orleans dessert game is in a league of its own…and so is my appetite for Southern sweets.


Thank you New Orleans. You are one of my favorite cities on the planet, but now I’m heading from New Orleans to New York where I need to begin a detox. I think taking a bite of the big apple is a great start. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the pun; clearly willpower is not my strong suit 😉

Beautiful sunset in the French Quarter from my hotel window. #SouthernHospitality

Beautiful sunset in the French Quarter from my hotel window. #SouthernHospitality