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HEALTH COACH Hagendorf to the Rescue!

February 27, 2014

Right now my parents are jumping up and down because I actually put my Pre-Med BS degree with Honors to use…in addition to its current use as a beautifully framed piece of parchment on their family room wall in New City, NY.

Today I became an ACE-certified Health Coach and I am determined to coach your health as it’s never been coached before. Remember, this is coming from the girl who owns the domain #WomanVersusFood, so I get the struggles and challenges, and uh the way cookies sneak into my hands more than I would like.  That being said my work will focus on nutrition, fitness, and behavior modification…and YOU! Together we will become our personal bests. Time to get on our A-Game. Now drop and give me 20…and yes that was a Kelly Lebrock reference from 1985’s “Weird Science“.