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Feast Your Eyes on the Launch of My FIT TO FEAST Event Series on Venice Beach

April 05, 2015

We turned it up…and then we ate it up at the launch of my FIT TO FEAST event series at Hotel Erwin on Venice Beach.

We had an incredible group of Fit To Feasters eager to eat up the day.  We kicked off the event with a bodyweight workout on the beach incorporating delicious moves like the beloved burpee, pushups, lunges, squats, crawls, & sprints to the ocean.

Once we wrapped turning it up, it was time to EAT it up. I collaborated with Chef Adam Steudle of Hotel Erwin’s Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails, to curate a satiating menu to fuel both our bodies and inner foodies. It was an Eggstravaganza to honor the Easter/Passover weekend.

We debunked myths about eggs and instead learned the many benefits of this nutrient-dense powerhouse.

  • They are an incredible source or protein (7 g per egg), & Omega 3s
  • They are one of the only natural sources of Vitamin D
  • Eggs deliver many of the B vitamins
  • Eggs contain important amino acids like, L-Arginine which is essential for protein production, and leucine which is helpful in regulating blood sugar.
  • Hardboiled eggs make an EGGScellent go-to portable snack.  (Ok I’ll stop with the puns)


I am wowed by the incredible people who came out to push themselves to be better.

Save the date: May 2 is the next day for FIT TO FEAST at Hotel Erwin.

Get fit, and feast with me on the beach.