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My FIT TO FEAST Event Series at Hotel Erwin: Part Deux

May 07, 2015

What an incredible day. Our dedicated Fit To Feast family came to the May edition of our event, ready to turn it up on Venice Beach and then eat it up at Hotel Erwin.

I kicked it off with a quick pow wow in Hotel Erwin’s Redbull suite where we got to know each other, sharing some of our healthful  habits.

We then made our way to the beach where we warmed up and split up into teams, rocking ocean sprints, pushups, and burpees. Just some delicious functional training as an appetizer to the fueling brunch that awaited us.

As for the brunch, we kept it grain-free, dairy-free, & gluten-free as we enjoyed 64° eggs, duck sausage, chorizo, hardboiled eggs, veggies, and fruit. Eating well doesn’t have to mean eggwhites and granola. In fact, it shouldn’t! Keep it clean and simple by eating lean meats, eggs, veggies, and fruit.

A special thank you to Bulletproof CoffeeLorna JaneOrange Theory FitnessBikini Thief, and Beach House Creamery for being part of it!

Save the date June 6 for the next one!!!