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It’s Labor Day, so Labor For My Healthy BBQ Sauce STAT. #FitToFeast

September 01, 2014

Ah, Labor Day weekend. Barbecues, beaches, and your last chance to wear white pants. Well, that last point is moot for me as I never even wear any kind of pants, let alone white pants. But what I DO wear is a ton of BBQ sauce on my face.

I have taken full advantage of this weekend by eating ribs at various LA dining establishments each and every day. I kicked it off at Bludsos, a taste of Texas BBQ in LA, and also enjoyed some ribs at both Bandera and Malibu Pier. As part of the #FitToFeast lifestyle, I dine out indulgently, eating whatever that spot is known for, but when I cook at home, I keep it super clean.

That’s my balance…and that’s how I’m still able to eat BBQ AND wear a bikini on the beach.

To find out my healthy BBQ sauce intel, head over to my full post/recipe on my site. Check it out for all things food, fitness, and my Health Coaching services. Start getting saucy here.