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Giving Sundae FunDay a Whole New Meaning

May 13, 2012

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have an inappropriate relationship with dessert. My deep-rooted devotion for anything sweet ensures that ice cream and/or cookies will always play a starring role in my Sunday FunDay. However, before I start my Sunday sybaritism, this weekend warrior has to complete some pre-eat feats.

Upon waking this morning, I ran 3.5 miles to participate in Central Park Bootcamp aka Street Kamp (Urban Survival Sessions) which may or may not include army-crawling across Sheep Meadow. Yes, the entire meadow. (Please note that this is one of a dozen challenges I complete in the 75 minute session)

After completing 12 of 12 of the physical challenges in the park, my next mission is to immediately hail a cab and have it take me straight to my East Village favorite, Sundaes and Cones, where my greatest challenge there is deciding which flavor to favor. Their homemade flavors range from the classics of Vanilla and Chocolate, to the innovative flavors of Wasabi, Ginger, Corn, Tiramisu, and Black Sesame.  The stimulating selection paired with indecision leaves me with no option but to always go with at least two. Obviously.

Today I opted for a “nutty” number pairing a scoop of my all-time favorite flavor, Taro Root, along with Pistachio Almond, coupled in a freshly made peanut chocolate coated waffle cone. Insanity.

So whenever people tell me I’m nuts for willingly doing intense military drills all around Central Park on a Sunday morning, I tell them they are right. I am nuts for nuts…especially when they are embedded in a chocolate glazed cone with ice cream. Hey, I scream – you scream – we all scream for ice cream…but I may be the only one willing to army crawl for it.