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Eat Like an Olympian

February 07, 2014

The Olympics Opening Ceremony is inspiring me to cook (and eat) fueling foods for the next few weeks. Kicking it off with my original #WomanVersusFood strawberry champagne balsamic pork loin with strawberry apple compote, caramelized onions, & steamed spinach #Sochi2014 #Paleo #Dieseldorf.

Pork is a great option for a high protein, low carb meal, and is a great source of riboflavin, potassium and thiamine. For a sweet slant on your swine, marinade the loin in a fruit-infused vinegar and add some unsweetened applesauce on top. Fuel up!

For those tracking your treats, it’s approximately 340 calories, 9 g fat, 28 g carb, 36 g protein