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Burger Queen

November 21, 2013

Dreams do come true…and today was that day for me. I was invited to participate in one of the most coveted competitions: The Do It Yourself Burger Bash at 25 Degrees of The Hollywood Roosevelt. Needless to say, this required zero prep on my part, as building burgers is my jam…preferably bacon jam.

Presenting burger with smile

I present to you my carnivorous creation (cue “Rocky” theme song), my #WomanVersusFood #Dieseldorf ORIGINAL burger: medium rare sirloin burger w/ prelibato gorgonzola, jalapeño bacon, caramelized onions, avocado, topped w/ fried egg, wrapped in butter lettuce w/ a side of BBQ


This protein-centric burger is a great option for those following a #primal #Paleo diet, as well as for everyone else who uh, just loves sinfully delicious burgers.  The butter lettuce was the perfect finish as I didn’t want all the textures and flavors to get lost in an overpowering bun. Granted this makes for a much messier experience, but this is how an innovative masterpiece of meat should be enjoyed; via all of the senses. Utensils discouraged. Napkins encouraged. Now, that’s a (lettuce) wrap.