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The Best Thing I Ever Ate. It Happened Today.

June 13, 2014

Just when you thought nothing could be more precious than the perfect pairing of peanut butter and jelly, you realize you have been limiting yourself your entire life.

June 12, 2014 will forever go down as D-Day for me. Delicious Day. My entire world turned upside down, Day. This was the day that the iconic innocence of dynamic duo, PB & J…was smothered atop an 8oz patty of 100% Certified Black Angus Beef and brioche bun, at 26 Beach in Venice. You heard me. A PEANUTBUTTER AND JELLY BURGER!!!! Take a second to digest that…because the actual digestion of this divine being will take multiple hours.

And what a beast this burger was. This is unlike any burger experience you think you’ve had before…coming from a girl who has hosted the Burger Bloodbath in the Hamptons, who flies to Miami every year to sample all 31 burger contenders in the SOBE WFF Burger Bash, and who is dear friends with the Burger King himself, Chef Josh Capon.

Today was different. I am not a religious individual, but today I prayed. Today I prayed for this moment of immortality to stand still. Never had I experienced such symphonic sensations of sweet, salty, savory, and sanctity. My mind was blown. My tastebuds titillated. My hands smothered in Skippy.

And that’s the thing. It wasn’t organic almond butter. It was good ole Skippy. What we had as kids…and some of us still have… in a single sitting with a spoon. But today that nostalgia metamorphosized into magnificence. I will think fondly of my days of classic PB&J. But today, today is the day a new chapter of innovation has begun. From here on out, I will start with what I know, and I will explore its palatable potential…like throwing on a piece of chocolate-covered bacon as garnish.  Amen.