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¡Ay Dios Mio! My First Look at Snook…& More Magical Mexican Meals from an LA Gem

November 08, 2014

As an entho-centric New Yorker, we claim that we have “The Best Pizza”, “The Best Bagels”, “The Best Steaks”, “The Best Italian”…you get the point. The list goes on and on, and yes I pretty much agree with all of these superlatives.

However, when I moved to LA, I was on a mission to find “The Best Mexican”, as I knew that was something LA would certainly have on NY.

Well I  can now say that I have finally found one of those authentic Mexican meccas in Inglewood, California.

I had immediately come across Coni’ Seafood in my original research upon moving here, but never visited this critically acclaimed hole-in-the-wall simply because it’s a lil’ bit of a hike. You know, it’s sorta near the airport…but much more inland… yah, it just never happened.

However, last night I went to see my favorite band, The Black Keys, at The Forum, which is, oh yes, in INGLEWOOD!

This was it. I was going to make a night of it. Mariscos and music. Let’s do this. Oh, and did I ever.

It started with the house-made chips. EVEN THE CHIPS WERE TO DIE FOR…and so were these other dishes:

The Chef’s Specialty is a must. It’s a dish of shrimp with bacon. I repeat. SHRIMP WITH BACON.

However, the true star of the Coni’ Seafood show is the Pescado Zarandeado, a whole butterflied snook.  It’s worth the 30 minutes required to rock this whitefish gem from the Gulf of Mexico. It is gorgeously grilled and served with a side of caramelized onions that are the perfect addition of indulgence. Make sure to ask for their  house-made tortillas so you can sop up every last morsel of this Mexican magic. I lost my mind and made every last bite disappear.

Chef Penuelas is on-point with this authentic spot in Inglewood. Not only am I confident that there is nothing like this in NY. There is probably nothing else like this in LA!

Bottom line: The trip to Inglewood is more than worth it for this caliber of cuisine. To find something else this authentic, your next stop would have to be Mexico.

Sorry, New York.