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Fudge Fantasy

February 11, 2015

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Treat a treat like a treat.

What exactly do I mean by that? I mean, eat healthfully as a lifestyle choice most of the time, and then when you want to indulge, do it! My only prerequsite, is that you have exactly what it is you want. Don’t have a “healthy” version of what you want. That’s just frustrating and unfulfilling, and just flat out ridiculous.


Enter my newest endeavor, Fudge Fantasy. This is where I make your dreams come true. Think of Fudge Fantasy as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” when it comes to dream fudge. Any ingredients you have fantasized coming together in one batch, I’m bringing them to your boca.

I’m kicking it off with limited edition batch for Valentine’s Day. Behold, my “Love Bites”.

Warning: These bundles of rich chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, plump maraschino cherries, Nutella, vanilla essence, and sea salt flakes WILL result in stimulation. Savor and share at your own risk.

I’m still taking last minute orders, so get in your requests now while I’m still in the mood to make these naughy nuggets…which are certain to put both you and Valentine in, uh, a different kind of mood. 😉

Just keep in mind that my Fudge Fantasy “Love Bites” are meant for Valentine’s DAY…not Valentine’s month. Because, THAT, my fellow foodie friends, is the #FitToFeast lifestyle.