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Treat Yoself

May 22, 2015

I was raised to show my love, affection, and gratitude with food.

There is nothing I love more than baking or cooking or feeding someone I care about.

Enter a holiday weekend and I just cannot wait to start preparing some sort of delicious edible item.

The challenge sometimes (read: always) is to prepare food for someone else and not to eat, um, a lot of it yourself before it even leaves your kitchen (types with chocolate-covered fingers)

I created “Fudge Fantasy: Eat Whatever The Fudge You Want” as a celebration of treating a treat like a treat. I don’t believe in demonizing food. I believe in celebrating yourself by eating nutrient-dense whole foods as a lifestyle, and then treating yourself with an indulgent delectable here and there.

My one requirement: HAVE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.

I don’t believe in low-fat, sugar-free, inferior versions of that dessert you REALLY want.

A watered-down substitute will just leave you unsatisfied, and will most likely encourage you to eat more of it in a futile attempt to attain the psychological stimulation for which you were hoping.

So…..being that it’s Memorial Day Weekend and I have a good number of BBQs to hit, I always come ready to go with my small batch custom fudge.

This batch was requested to consist of fresh raspberries, roasted almonds, and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Making the fudge is easy. Not eating the entire thing? Different story.

So, first I ofcourse, have to “taste” the fudge to make sure it’s not poisonous.

Once that is confirmed, I should wrap it up to take to the party, but, uh, the hyperpalatable response has been set into motion, and I immediately pop two more “tastes” into the mouth.

My strategy? Enjoy. Every. Freakin. Second. Of. This.

I literally savor the texture, the tastes, the flavors, the godliness. Quietly. In the moment. Bliss. (Foodporn music ensues)

Damn, that is just delicious.

Ok cool. I am absolutely satisfied. Now I can wrap these badboys up so I can share this experience with my friends, which is hands down the best part!

Food doesn’t have to be the enemy. It can actually be your greatest ally, as long as YOU take the first step in waving that white flag. Stop demonizing dessert and food in general. If you take the pressure off, and just treat  a treat like a treat, you’ll truly be able to appreciate the sweetness not only of this divine dessert, but of this incredible life that has been gifted to us.

Cut yourself some slack. Treat yoself.

What is YOUR Fudge Fantasy. Tell me your dream fudge in the comments below.