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Marnie The Dog!

August 28, 2014

Dreams DO come true. I just experienced my best celebrity encounter to date, well besides my cheek-to-cheek photo with Betty White…

Betty White 92

So anyway, I got to hold Marnie The Dog in my arms at Amoeba Music in Hollywood.  I will never wash my arms again.

For those not yet familiar with Marnie, you will now refer to your life aw Pre- and Post-“Marnie The Dog”. Marnie is a 12yr-old female shih-tzu rescue who just also happens to be not only the cutest pup on the planet, but also the most popular. She has over 100K followers on instragram at the moment and her star power is only on the rise. Yes, she is THAT cute. Check her out on instagram and see for yourself. She’s currently touring the nation attending red carpet events and posing with various celebrities. Tonight, I got to pose with the biggest celebrity of them all. Well, again, besides Betty White. Marnie is a SUPASTAH!

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 8.33.13 PM